OPINION#Julius Malema catches smoke after he tweeted this, read here


South Africans have been sharing their disappointments on the law makers of South Africa, after A DJ by the name DJ Sumbody was shot dead forty eight times in Sandton.

The DJ is not the first celebrity to lose his life in such a manner, people have extended their condolences to the deceased family.






Julius Malema as he is known for being active on social media, he also took it to twitter to express his feelings.

“Oupa, we failed you. Like many others you are a victim of Mafia state,a failed state. Robala mfanaka mara ( rest my boy) I am not okay ” , wrote Julius Malema

” Chief relax, let the police work “, one said

“Are you not friends with that mafia Mazzoti “, ihe asked

“That is funny, you are part of the mafia “, one commented

“Stop chasing clout because someone famous died, how many people die unnecessary every second in South Africa, but you say nothing “, another added