OPINION| We cannot be life savers of irresponsible celebrities like Zahara

Singer Zahara who stands to lose her home should she not settle her loan has genuinely asked her fans to donate money to her, let me say something fans helped Zola 7 because he was also there for his fans, he helped a lot of people treat people the way you want to be treated Zahara has never helped her fans, nor did she go to her community to do something for her own people we have our own problems too, something she careless about she should have asked for financial advice when she had millions. Maybe bought a cheaper apartment in townships, a cheap car, cheap clothes or opened a business and saved moneyWhat happened she will live from her royalties if she can come with another hit that will be my donation there, if she can’t afford her bond why doesn’t she just move back to the townships and stay for free in a wendy house since most don’t even pay for water and electricity. She must remember that when we asked for pictures in the malls her bodyguards pushed us away as if we were dangerous to her, but here she is now wanting our moneyMaybe she must find a boyfriend to take care so that when things are fine she can release another hit, we feel her grief as country and we wish her a matured plan B that will make her fanancially recovery we can’t be life savers of irresponsible celebrities as South Africans, she drank all her moola at Konka and now she want 100 rans from us what happened to the money she got from the gigs she had in these African countries in the past two weeks




Where does she get the audacity of asking people with financial problems to help her with her problems that were caused solely by her, where were we when she had it all living in a million rand house? She must never compare herself to Zola because we witnessed Zola give his all to strangers who were in need of help hence the donationshttps://www.thesouthafrican.com/lifestyle/celeb-news/zahara-help-donations-r100-house-roodeport-loan-nedbank-thabo-jama/?