Opinion || Unathi was fired for complaining about Sizwe always being late?

Unathi was fired for complaining about Sizwe always being late? man Sizwe Dlomo seems like a nightmare at the workplace.


The contract of the Midday Joy anchor was terminated after management reported “several instances that resulted in the collapse of confidence between the two parties.”

She was fired with immediate effect, according to weekend reports, after an alleged disagreement with presenter Sizwe Dhlomo (38), which escalated to the Human Resources department.

Kaya FM declared in a statement that they had terminated Unathi’s contract owing to “behavior that makes the partnership unacceptable moving ahead.””

The controversial incident has left many questioning whether Unathi was wrongfully terminated. Perhaps it’s time to look at their relationship?

It turns out that Unathi and Sizwe have had issues in the past, which may have been what caused the recent fallout. In an interview with Drum magazine earlier this year, Unathi revealed she had to leave Idols because she was getting sick of working with him every day.

She said: “I couldn’t take it anymore so I had to leave.”

Sizwe Dhlomo is trending on Twitter following another incident at his place of work, Kaya FM, where an employee was fired.

A few days ago a woman named Unathi Msengana tweeted to say she was fired from her job as a presenter at Kaya FM after complaining about Sizwe always being late. She claims that he would often be late for their scheduled broadcasts and when asked why he took so long to arrive at the station, he replied “I’m here now”.

According to Unathi, she managed to hold it together until one day when they were doing an interview with Black Coffee and she had been waiting for him since 10 am. When asked what time was convenient for him, Sizwe said 11 am but if that didn’t work because there were other interviews coming up then 5 pm could also work out fine.

This angered Unathi who said things turned sour after this interaction with Sizwe Dlomo and she felt like she couldn’t take it anymore so she decided to approach her bosses about disciplining him without success leading her to ultimately losing her job just two weeks later!


Na man Sizwe Dlomo seems like a nightmare at the workplace!

It has been reported that Kaya 959’s board of directors allegedly dismissed station manager Sibongile Mtyali after she allegedly refused to terminate sports presenter Mpho Maboi following her confrontation with Kaya Drive host Sizwe Dhlomo.

According to City Press, Mali has been accused of favoritism and bullying by certain staff members at the renowned Gauteng station. The publication also reported that Dlomo had promised another employee that he would protect him from being fired if he agreed to testify against his colleague.

It was customary for Sizwe to arrive at 1 p.m., but the contract states that program presenters are supposed to appear at 2 p.m., so when Sibongile made him aware of this element, he declared that he could no longer work with her.”

“Since Sizwe did not receive what he wanted, several individuals have anonymously complained to the board about Mtyali, claiming that she is never available to personnel and does not handle concerns, essentially claiming that she is a lousy manager.” “The charges were investigated and determined to be false, yet her contract was terminated anyhow,” stated the source.”