OPINION| The queen of the wise

[Did you know] Thabo.. 10 years ago the great queen Mantfombi Shiyiwe Dlamini from Swazini royalty, saw the hate other queens had for her. She went to Swazini to get a new ndlukombane kandaba new young virgin looking for the late king mdlokombane kandABA. The queen KaMafu was chosen in the Swazini Mhlanga dance and was proposed to by the queen Mantfombi the mother of the beast who is now in Izinyane imbibe king Misuzulu.

The queen gave KaMafu one job, to protect and make sure that her heir prince Misuzulu takes the throne and that’s what he did yesterday. That’s why KaMafu is the only one who was there to support the king Because he knew the truth and followed him in Swaziland.




The queen of the wise. History will be read for you and your children who are growing up we can see it with our eyes.

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WORDS OF THE LORD HEAVENS, because it happened that the children were looking for.

The beast is the Zulu of the world it never ends, in the mouth of the Lord the heavens are the heavens, and even the lord the heavens do not end in the mouth of a monster of the churches.

On sabbath the beast was entering the farm at Khangela amankengane, we talked about nyazi, only to find that the king of Nazareth was in Johannesburg at Thembalethu on the Sabbath carrying service and talking about the animal. Just feel yourself on the low key.