Opinion: Sparks are flying all around for Reggie and Dintle. We love this for her

Ever since Khanyi Jewel showed Dintle and Layla her paintings, they decided to get her someone who will teach her how to paint. They found Reggy. Reggy has been respecting Dintle since day one. Dintle even asked him to make a painting of her but she didn’t realize that she was creating more time to spend with him.


On the first day of Reggy painting Dintle, they had fun because they learnt new things about each other. But it was not a happy ending because they spoke about Quinton. They found out that they are both single. There was a connection between them and they could both feel it.

Dintle is always looking forward to spending time with Reggy because she enjoys his company. Today, he told Dintle that he used to be an investment banker before he decided to follow his passion for being an artist. Dintle was amazed with the thing that he told her.

Source: https://twitter.com/etvScandal/status/1589596041984237568?s=20&t=yrqTxu3lzNHxFid1NghVgg