Opinion: Sophie Ndaba one of the strongest woman artist in the entertainment industry

Content by Bongiwe

The most strongest artist Sophie Ndaba who is not ashamed of herself. The artist continues having fun.







Sophie Ndaba has been sick for a long time. She has been suffering from cancer. However she survived it. This free and open artist is not ashamed to enjoy her life and share the greatest moments with her loved ones.

She managed to go for her doctor visits with the money she invested. People aren’t shameful for her. Hence she can still maintain herself and take responsibility for her children.

She did not care about the mocking of her in all over social media platforms. She was strong against all odds and kept on slaying. Good luck Sophie Ndaba keep up the positivity and may the God bless you.

The following is her pictures with her loved ones. She was once hosted for the Metro FM interview as well.