Opinion: Somizi, Zozibini and other worst dressed celebrities at the DSTV MVCAs

This past weekend we enjoyed the DSTV MVCAs on our screens and the blue carpet provided quite the spectacle for us all. It was the best Awards show in my opinion, the quality of the production was top notch and the performances were clearly well rehearsed.

However, there were some fashion fails among the looks of the evening.

I noticed that not all the celebrities were putting their best foot forward. Some of the looks were too bland or too wild for the event.

Zozibini Tunzi




The former Miss Universe has a special place in my heart. She is the queen of pageantry and all things beautiful. However, her look for the awards just fell flat. It was a white dress with a black lace sleeve detail that didn’t translate well. It was a rare miss for the usually stylish lady.


Somizi is known for being a little bit dramatic when it comes to fashion but this time he might have sent it over the top. He chose to wear a camouflage like dress with a seafoam green leather jacket and bedazzled boots. It was an assault to the senses and too busy. It didn’t look good.


Bahumi is Somizi’s daughter and a rising star in the acting realm. She cinched a role in “Umbuso” and has been climbing the ladder. Perhaps though, she needs to lean less on her father for fashion advice. Her outfit to the event was just bad. A bedazzled blazer with shoulder pads and a train in a different colour. It was paired with a blonde wig that didn’t help at all.

Winnie Ntshaba

Known as “Khethiwe” after her character on Generations, Winnie is a favourite for many. Which is what makes this critique a little bit difficult. Her outfit was a lace number. She would have looked so much better if it was tailored and her shoes were a different colour and style. There was just something distinctly wrong with her look and it made her look.. frumpy.

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