OPINION – Sbu learns that Nkunzi is not dead, see what will happen

It seems that the celebration of the people of Kwa Mashu has to be cut short as Nkunzi is not dead but only in a critical condition and according to Uzalo he is not going to die and there is a new rivalry in Kwamashu. The late Mncedisi who passed away in July will be featured on the soapie as Nkunzi’s enemy. Mncedisi had been filming with Uzalo before he passed on.

The people of Kwa Mashu were very happy about the demise of Nkunzi because of all the dread he has caused. The happiest of all being Sbu, as he thought had killed his foe. However, there is a big surprise that awaits him which will leave him stunned.


This coming week on Uzalo Sbu will learn that Nkunzi is not dead, will that drive Sbu to run away because of all people Sbu knows what Nkunzi does to people who sell him out?

Nkunzi is set to come after Sbu and try to get revenge for trying to kill him. Sbu packs his bags and plans to leave before Nkunzi gets to him. Well if he fails things might just end in tears.

Source https://tiemnews.co.zw/2022/08/22/nkunzi-has-raised-from-dead-see-whats-going-to-happen/