OPINION: If you hate Khwezi from Skeem Saam on screen, you will love her in real life

Samukele Mkhize is a South African media personality who is currently well-known as Khwezi because of the role she has been given to play on Skeem Saam. Before that, we all knew Samukele from Isibaya which has now come to an end as Mabuyi. On screen, Khwezi plays the role of being an evil woman who is the girlfriend of Lehasa. She is suspected to be dating Lehasa because of all his wealth as she wants to have access to all his money and business. Khwezi’s intention is not to only benefit for herself but her family too. She has fought against Lehasa and Pretty’s relationship until it came to an end. The viewers and fans of Skeem Saam has always loved Pretty’s and Lehasa’s relationship and so they started hating Khwezi after she brought their






relationship to a halt. You perhaps also do hate Khwezi on screen but might love her in real life. Samukele Mkhize comes from a god-fearing family in real life which causes her to be dignified in real life. Her grandparents were both pastors who created a culture of loving God and fearing God in her. Samukele believes in telling people about God and drawing people closer to him. She is a song writer and singer who believes in healing people’s broken hearts with her angelic voice. Her singing gift emanates from her own mother who was also gifted in singing and sang in churches. Samukele is also a motivational speaker who had a tough upbringing and therefore believes in encouraging people who come from uncomfortable situations. She is a very optimistic person who never allows adversities to bring her down. Samukele has a heart for giving to the less fortunate who come from disadvantaged families that are also despised in communities. She says she understands and knows how it feels not to have access to enough food and clothes. To those she has given to, they have shared that they love that she does not take pictures of herself giving them food but she does it out of love.Sources: