OPINION: Cassper’s baby mama is one of the most beautiful women in SA. Check out her latest pictures




Thobeka Majozi is a South African media personality known as an Instagram star and an influencer. She is now famously known to be the baby mama and girlfriend of the renown artist, Cassper Nyovest. Born on the 2nd of October 1992, Ms Majozi is 29 years of age and turning 30 years this year.

Thobeka is an independent businesswoman who is making multimillions a year as she calls herself “RICH MOM”. It is not yet clear of which business she is majoring in but her lifestyle attests that she is indeed making a lot of money monthly. Her business affords her going on expensive vacations around the world, wearing expensive branded, driving gigantic german cars and living in a mansion house that worth 5 million rands. By the above two pictures, one can undeniably attest that Thobeka Majozi is one of the most beautiful women in South Africa. This is one thing that Cassper Nyovest has been bragging about from the first time they met until this day. Thobeka’s pictures always cause a stir on Instagram since that is the only networking platform she uses. She has a beautiful flawless skin and long natural hair that can be assumed as artificial hair.

Beauty is not only judged by the outside appearance but also the inward or internal personality of a person. Those who have bumped into her in public spaces say she is a quiet spirited person who has a very loving and kind heart. Thobeka Majozi believes in humanity and humility as she always preaches it on her Instagram stories. She believes in encapsulating a Godly character that is harmless but creates a safe space for everyone in her presence.The below picture is a picture of Thobeka Majozi in her home yard next to her fancy car. She posted this picture on Instagram yesterday and it is still causing a stir. Lovely compliments are flooding the comment section as people tell her how stunning she is.