OPINION| About Meyiwa’s death I think Kelly Khumalo is the one owing SA an apology

One of the Kelly Khumalo’s fans sparked a heated debate when she recommended that Mzansi apologise to her fave after new evidence suggested that Longwe Twala pulled the trigger, what for while she knew what had happened but decided to lie to the law, one person commented. People who were in that house written “spaza” do not deserve any apology, they know every single



detail about Senzo’s death but they are keeping each and every detail to themselves and living life like nothing happened. No apologies should be rendered all along she has been withholding information that relates to the killing of the father of her sweet innocent child, imagineWhy should people apologize to her, if Longwe pulled the trigger it means she is as guilty as him for defeating the ends of justice she is an accomplice, she knows who killed Senzo and she decided to keep quiet no need to apologize to her she should be charged because she was suppose to fight for Senzo because hes her child’s father but no, they are all guilty and she knows why Senzo was killed