WHEN police see an unroadworthy vehicle on the road, they impound it.

But all the officers at Evander cop shop near Secunda, Mpumalanga, use a rattletrap van to fight crime.

And it apparently does not start sometimes!

They can’t go anywhere when the van is being used.

The frustrated men and women in blue told the People’s Paper that other police stations had enough patrol cars.

“Some police stations have more than 10 vans, but we only have one,” said a cop.

“When it breaks down we can’t respond to complaints, yet we say we’re policing.

Said another cop: “People blame us for not attending to crime scenes and don’t believe us when we tell them we don’t have cars.”

They said they raised the issue with their bosses but were apparently not given the time of day.

“We’re meant to fight crime but are forced to stay in the office. We have no transport.”

Resident Seun Seboko said it was unfair that their complaints were being unattended to, because cops did not have cars.

Station commander Colonel Jenny Alberts said she could not comment and referred Daily Sun to the provincial office.

Police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said the cop shop had eight police vans.

He said some of the vans had been taken in for repairs but would be released soon.