” One by one they will pay in blood “, Jackie Phamotse causes a stir after news of DJ’s sudden death

While many South African were mourning the sudden death of a legendary DJ, controversial Jackie Phamotse caused a stir on Twitter.

Image: Jackie Phamotse believes a lot of wealthy people have snakes.



“One by one they will pay in blood.” This is a tweet by businesswoman, social activist and philanthropist, Jackie Phamotse. What should be noted is that Jackie’s tweet is not just a random post. She posted this right after reports of DJ Dimples’ death started making rounds on Sunday morning. Many tweeps were annoyed by Jackie’s insensitive behavior towards other people’s pain. “There is nothing wrong with you keeping this nonsense to yourself, but you being you, we know that attention is your thing.” Every time I see you capitalize on someone else’s death. I cringe! This isn’t the time to be insensitive and push conspiracy theories. Real people are hurting, real people are mourning, real people are experiencing all these ugly emotions and they don’t need to hear this, another tweep told Jackie.

Jackie is infamous for always assuming that successful people are practicing ‘ukuthwala’. The controversial author Jackie Phamotse has made headlines over her views on black wealth. Last year after Ginimbi’s death, she jumped on Instagram Live and spoke about cults, young women using muthi to force men to give them money and the extreme rituals people do to gain wealth or maintain their status of wealth. Some said she was linking Ginimbi’s death with black people “selling their souls” for riches. But in all honesty, being successful has nothing to do with ‘ukuthwala’ and people die all the time. Plus we live in a very depressing world which is why a lot of people are depressed. This world is full of unnecessary pressure. Why is Jackie always making such insinuations.

Last night during gig at Moagi Wings in Vosloo, just after Dj Dimples played, he apparently cried and no one was allowed to be close by. Now today he’s no more. According to his friends, this is the one of weirdest thing they have ever witnessed. The bereaved family of DJ Dimples has confirmed his sudden passing. The cause of his death according to his family is brain hemorrhage.

Image: Jackie Phamotse (Twitter)