On SkeemSaam Petersen Is Way Ahead Of Lehasa And Khwezi

Everyone is warning Pretty to avoid Lehasa. Girl, you’d better start paying attention. Petersen is correct; she should forget about Lehasa. Pretty is convinced that her man is a legitimate businessman with no dirt on his hands. Let us all weep for her.

Pretty is only being judged because she appears to be ignoring her education for the sake of a man. Is it just me, or is Zamokuhle becoming increasingly arrogant? So Meikie wasn’t the one who suffered the most when she discovered her best friend had a child with her husband? Zamo, like his father, is pushing Meikie.

Uncle Phomolo might as well be named the Best Uncle of the Year, because he’s definitely carrying Lehasa’s burden like no one’s business. This time, Petersen is far ahead of Lehasa and Khwezikazi.

Who exactly is the witness? Could it possibly be Fannie? We didn’t see what happened after he was injected. There was no funeral for him. He has a very good chance of being the witness.

I noticed Lizzy listening in on Leshole and Manaka discussing Manaka’s suitability for that chair. I didn’t notice the staring. Lizzy has a proven track record. Mangaliso, Zamo, and now Leshole. To think Leshole was the last person who was admired at Turf High. Now he’s being watched for money