On House Of Zwide: Molefe And Nkosi Throw Fists

Funani and Rea’s chemistry is unavoidable. They’re meant to be together.

Now Nkosi should have a vision of Faith abandoning his grandmother to die, and Faith should remain imprisoned.

Molefe should continue to be an idiot. Why is he fighting Nkosi when the truth is that he knew? I had no idea he could pack such a punch.


I’ve always thought of him as a coward because of the way he ran to Mambisa with a boxer. Zobuhle is depressed as a result of her situation, and Soka should not take advantage of her while she is stressed.

Ona, on the other hand, should accept the softlife and go to Funani’s house. No problem if she still wants Isaac in her life, but Funani has been waiting for her for years. Ona has always considered Sandile to be a close friend.

It’s beyond Zanele’s comprehension that Faith is a monster after hearing that voice note. Are they attempting to brainwash her? Do they want someone to fight for Faith? I’m not sure I understand.