zola 7 Spills The Beans On His Meeting with Mamkhize, She Didn’t Give Me A Cent

Zola’s need to explain his meeting with Mamkhize came after she was dragged for wanting to use Zola’s situation to score some points on social media. This after she posted pictures with Zola and a video of him driving her flashy and expensive car. Rumours also emerged that Mamkhize had gifted Zola a cool R1 Million, which now Zola has rubbished.

Zola has been battling chronic epilepsy for some time, his health has deteriorated quite badly. South Africans have also rallied behind a fund contributing to his health and welfare.
Source: https://twitter.com/sugeezy/status/1504011931048452097?t=nWAvqw0O-82n7N0_3RD1GQ&s=19