Obed tells Ivy on how much money he spent on Melita during their happy days

Obed now has woken up at the hospital and he is having the real talkn with his wife. I have to say that Obed is going through a lot, he needs to make sure that Ivy forgives him and allows him back to the house.


Ivy is still shocked to find out that Obed spent a lot of money on Melita and he took her to all the nice place. Obed needs to tell Ivy that the necklace that he bought was not for Ivy but for Melita. Obed knows that he now needs to place to stay.

I think Ivy should just forgive him but let him sleep in the guest room for a while because Obed cannot be trusted at all. Obed is actually lucky that Ivy still check up on him at the hospital after what he has done to her.