Ntsiki Mazwai question the love from her father

Being a parent is a permanent job without retirement. No matter how old your child becomes you still see them as an infant in need for your protection from the world.


Jub Jub has been in hot water for a couple of weeks now after he made a joke about sleeping with his ex girlfriend Amanda Dupont. Amanda in turn accused Mama Jackie of being overly protective of her son and that she is also a gangster of sorts.


Mama Jackie went all Mama Bear for her son Jub Jub as the media and social media were tearing him apart. Mama Jackie has launched a legal battle against Amanda and Masechaba Ndlovu after what she said was dragging her name through the mud.

Ntsiki is envious of the love Mama Jackie is showing to her son amid all this controversies. She believes her father did not do enough to protect her when the media and social media were crucifying her following an open letter.