Ntsiki Mazwai caused a stir after she revealed this on social media

Outspoken poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai recently took to social media to address a topic that has often been the subject of hushed conversations – the age gap between her and men who express romantic interest in her. In a candid and thought-provoking post, Mazwai shed light on the dynamics of these encounters and sparked discussions about societal expectations and norms.


Mazwai, known for her fearless commentary on various social issues, shared her thoughts in a tweet that read, “Most men who hit on me are younger than me.” The post prompted a flurry of reactions, with many of her followers engaging in a dialogue about shifting perceptions of age and relationships.

The conversation initiated by Mazwai’s post highlights the evolving landscape of romantic dynamics and the gradual erosion of traditional norms surrounding age differences in relationships. While age gaps have been a topic of fascination and scrutiny for generations, modern society appears to be experiencing a shift in attitudes, with individuals increasingly prioritizing compatibility, shared values, and mutual understanding over age alone.

Mazwai’s decision to bring this topic to the forefront serves as a reminder that love and attraction are complex and multifaceted emotions that transcend numerical differences. Her willingness to engage in such discussions challenges societal expectations and encourages open dialogue about the evolving nature of romantic connections.