Ntsik Mazwai wrote: When he starts beating her do not call us who is she talking about?see comments

Ntsiki Mazai is popularly known through her stage name as a South African “Street Queen. She is one of the most beautiful and talented female poets and recording artists from the Rainbow nation. Whose compositions have earned her massive respect and popularity in the music industry

People like Ntsiki Mazwai are not scared to speak their minds, in most cases when there are issues that other people don’t like to address Ntsiki Mazwai will address them without any fear. As much as people on social media like to drag her she doesn’t care if she wants to say something she will say it like it is and how people take it she doesn’t care.


Ntsiki Mazwai left people puzzled after she shared a post he she took to her social media account and wrote that when he starts beating her do not call us because she was warned but she didn’t listen.

Though she was not clear in her post about who she was talking about, people started assuming that she is talking about Nadia Nakai because people have been questioning her relationship with Aka, saying AKA is not the right person for her. He will do to her what he did to his previous girlfriends, as he was blamed for his fiances’ death saying his the one who did it.

But some people are saying Faith Nketsi as she has been trending after getting married to a rich man. Some people are saying there is no love there Faith Nketsi is with that guy because he has money, and that guy will see that and as soon as he does things will turn and he will show her his true colors.

As much as Ntsiki Mazwai wasn’t clear in her post, but were hoping whatever people are saying shouldn’t come true because with everything that’s happening we can’t afford to have bad news. For once let us have a relationship that will have a positive ending even though people doubt it, because in most cases celebrity always divorce.

People will always have something negative to say that’s how they are. Aka can’t be judged for his previous mistakes were all human beings and we make mistakes. Let us stop being judgemental.