Ntombee: My daughter won’t replace my son, but she’s filled my life again

After the death of her infant son in 2015, presenter Ntombee Ngcobo Mzolo has taken it upon herself to use her personal story to help change women’s lives in Mzansi and beyond.

Ntombee took to Instagram this week to invite women, especially expectant mothers, to come to learn a thing or two that may help them avoid tragedies related to pregnancy.

“I will impart my little knowledge and share some of my personal experiences with the hope that my gorgeous preggies will take away a thing or two from it and possibly experience a smoother, simpler,  and healthier pregnancy journey.”

“From my 3 pregnancies learned that you can never be too prepared for a pregnancy or a baby but it is crucial that you somehow prepare yourself as much as you can physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and otherwise to make this miraculous journey as smooth as possible,” Ntombee shared.

The presenter said that as a mother of three, she had made a decision to share her personal experiences and research throughout the month of February. 

Ntombee lost her son soon after giving birth four years ago. He suffered from a rare heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

In a post this week she opened up about the struggles she faced in the months following her son’s death and said she was in a better place now.

“I made a conscious decision of not allowing the past to stand in the way of my future, and my latest experience has honestly healed my soul in a way I never imagined possible. My daughter will never take the place of son but she has definitely filled my heart and I am in a better place.”