Ntate Kganyago Is A Dangerous Syndicate After Thobakgale’s Money

Who is he, Professor Kganyago?

Money is the one and only thing the two want.

They con women out of money and then vanish without a trace.

Last night, he broke into Thobakgale’s laptop and looked at her online accounts. Kganyago is slowly falling apart.

Kganyago suggested taking a costly trip to Johannesburg, which is where Luc and another young doctor he was working with showed up.

He was given a sign to meet him in the bathroom, and the two of them talked about their business.

Luc hopes that Kganyago hasn’t fallen in love with Thobakgale and that this time Kganyago is moving too slowly.

When Kganyago looked at Jacobie’s finances earlier, his face indicated that he is disgusted by her rather than in love.

When Pretty returned from her date with Lehasa, she noticed Jacobie and Ephie at Level Cafe.

I’ll leave right there because PreHasa gate is obsessed with these two.





As Kganyago and Luc took a long time to use the bathroom, Jacobeth and the other Doctor on Luc’s case gave the impression of being uneasy.

Fans are wondering if Luc and Kganyago are just a father and son trying to make a buck.

Additionally, who has he been calling pretending to be his daughter in Ireland?

Lizzy has been kept in the dark, and as we reported, she will investigate, putting herself in grave danger.

We are all aware, by now, that nobody is in Ireland and that Kganyago is supplying Jacobeth with cigarettes; however, what is his arrangement with John Maputla?

Is he the Kganyago he claims to be if he is also selling smoke and lying about that student program?

There is a hypothesis proposing that he isn’t the Kganyago he is professing to be, likewise why pick clinics to “ability” scout?

In order to look for additional victims, the pair will show up at a different Cape Town hospital.

In due course, things will be revealed.

Keep an eye on us as we bring them to you brand-new and undamaged.

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