Ntando Duma celebrates purchasing her first house but Mzansi is not happy about this

Ntando Duma hasn’t been making much of a splash lately, and it was claimed that she had lost a slew of acting assignments as a result, which brought a set back into her life. The television personality and social media influencer was most likely preoccupied with a major project that she didn’t want the public to know about until she was finished with it, according to sources.







Yesterday, Ntando turned to her social media profile to share the good news about her first purchase, which was a furniture piece for her new apartment. Before Ntando could afford to purchase this lovely apartment for herself, she first began by constructing a beautiful home for her mother in one of the communities where her mother resides. In addition, the house generated a lot of interest on the Internet, with people praising her for having accomplished such a feat as thinking of her mother first before beginning on anything for herself.

Many of her admirers were dissatisfied with the new apartment she had purchased, which they felt was contrary to what they were supposed to feel for her. Several of them continued to assert that the apartment was a minor accomplishment when compared to owning a house. They claim that the house is too small to be a family home, especially given the fact that she has a child. They were repeating a slew of jealousy-inducing phrases that looked to make sense to people who were thinking about the big picture of what they wanted to accomplish in their lives