Nota continues to share pictures and video clips of his former wife

Nota Baloyi continues to share photographs of his former wife, Berita, on social media. When she left, it was a moment when people accepted that he was going through a tough time in life. But it did not stop there. He had been releasing photographs of moments that were not shared before on social media. They were having a private lifestyle, going to places together.

Now he has decided to share those memories, and the man is hoping to rekindle his relationship with Berita. She had not been responding to any of the posts on social media, at least publicly. Many people tried to comfort him and move on with his life, but then it is still hard for him. He was previously singing about the break up, and some people advised him to release an album.






The situation around him does no longer look good and he may need help. Mansa Mayne tried to help him when he was lashing out on people on social media and in podcast interviews. Recently, he has been unable to do any interviews and has been posting the moments with Berita online. The situation he is going through, you don’t want to see yourself going through it.

Many people on social media have been unhappy with the photographs coming from Nota. Kanye West was also going through the same thing, and he was recently banned for his remarks. Many companies that were working with him have decided to terminate their agreement with him. Nota must exercise caution or risk losing the good he has created. He will lose income.

Only to find later on that he should have avoided the comments he made. Many people have been in his situation before and they have managed to move on and live a happier life. There are a lot of people who have lost so much from their relationships or marriages, and when it comes to Nota, he may be a lucky person because he has decided to end it without any fight.

Imagine if she demanded what she may have earned through their relationship. It was going to get worse looking at how Nota has been reaching out on social media. He was fighting with the traffic police, and they were very polite to him and were aware that he was going through a tough time. It was going to turn very bad if it was someone who was not going to stand the lashing from him.