Nota Caused a frenzy on twitter after Mzansi spotted this from his Pictures at the GGT 2030 event

Nota Nhlamulo Baloyi is the director at The Orchard, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, and the managing director at SoFet Urbantainment. He started in the music industry as a rapper who later decided to be behind the scenes and manage artists.

It appears that now, the South African P-diddy is taking steps to be a Philanthropist like the real P-diddy himself, as yesterday he hosted a fundraising event at Soweto along with the department of gauteng assisting him with funds and other arrangements of the event.

The event was Called Growing Gauteng Together 2030 and it appears to be fully packed even though it was hosted on Sunday and it is aimed at giving back to the community and bringing positivity to the society of gauteng.





Now, Nota went to brag about his event and posted pictures while he was on stage and pictures of him and other girls who appeared to be happy about his presence after the event, and one of the pictures went to cause a stir and damaged his reputation a little bit.

One of the 4 pictures Nota posted , there was one he took while hugging two girls who seemed to be so jubilant to see him. In that picture he was holding two girls by their waists. However the twitter detectives saw that Nota went a little bit too far while holding the girl wearing a skirt as his hand was spotted touching the young Girl’s bum.

Now after Mzansi spotted that Nota is holding kid’s bums they went to engage in the comment section as people went to drag him saying that he’s a pervert and he’s using his event to lure young girls so that he can sleep with them afterwards. However others were praising him saying he’s a human being and sometimes he gets carried away and they are happy with what he’s doing for the young kids of gauteng and more especially in Soweto.