Nostradamus predicted that Charles will abdicate and ‘mystery king’ could replace him

The public has been fascinated by Michel de Nostredame’s prophecies for generations, and the astrologer seems to have made a shocking forecast concerning the future of the Royal Family.

The public’s imagination has been captured by Michel de Nostredame’s prophecies for centuries.

King Charles’s reign may be extremely brief, according to a startling new interpretation of Nostradamus’s prophesies, which also makes the startling idea that Prince Harry may succeed to the throne.

Leading authority on the 16th-century astrologer, author Mario Reading, asserts that the then-Prince Charles’s divorce from Princess Diana would result in popular condemnation, forcing the new king to resign.



Written in 2005, the book reinterprets the original prophecies given by Nostradamus 447 years ago and proposes that “a man who never expected to become king” ascend to the throne.

The shocking assertion that this may be referring to Prince Harry or even Australian Simon Dorante-Day, who asserts to be the unborn child of King Charles and Camilla, has resulted from this.

In the book, Reading makes use of the obscure poetry from 1555 to precisely foretell the year of Her Majesty the Queen’s passing.

Charles II

King Charles will rule for a relatively little period of time, according to Mario Reading.

The prologue states that Queen Elizabeth II will pass away in around 2022 at the age of about 96, five years earlier than her mother did.