Nosipho catches Hleziphi right- handed.

Uzalo:Hleziphi took extreme measures in order for her to get the man of her dreams, unfortunately one person is going to catch her on act while busy with her things.











Her fixation on Kwanda has made her move over to the clouded side, counseling a sangoma to get muthi to grab him from her dearest companion, Nonka. Hlezphi on Uzalo obviously doesn’t become weary of getting her heart broken.

The spell might have attempted to cut off their friendship, however it didn’t make him fall head over heels for her. She had tlof with Kwanda the day after he and Nonka separated, and covertly shot it.

She showed Nonka the clasp, trusting it would blow any opportunity of her taking Kwanda back. All things considered, the two of them presently consider her to be an adversary.

In the interim, Sibonelo needs to pay for the transgressions of his dad, Nkunzi. He was tranquilized, kidnapped and went after by Vika’s family after Nkunzi shot him. Maybe since Vika has awakened from his unconsciousness, Sibonelo’s life may be saved, yet at what cost?