Mafe Wants Flat Screen TV, Radio, Kettle & Coffee in Prison Cell as He Holds Justice System Hostage

It is very clear that Zandile Mafe is not your typical prisoner, now he has refused to show up before ethe court to answer for his crimes. This is a man who is believed to not be functioning very well in his head but they hold him responsible for setting for to the parliament, he probably doesn’t even understand that he is a prisoner since he is allegedly not of sound mind.

Now a lot of people have also tried to express how this man is definitely someone who has to be released from prison, because there are chances that he does not even understand what is going on with his life. The man was found sleeping outside the parliament, after allegedly setting fire to the building and now he is arrested.




Perhaps one of the big lies the government has talked about the chaos that happened is that Zandile Mafe is responsible for that fire, remembers we have individuals who are part of the system. Who stand to benefit from the destruction that was caused, and Mafe doesn’t look like someone who stands to benefit from any kind of destruction.

It is concerning that this is still going on, we understand that he is the one who confessed to setting fire to the premises. Although many people do not agree that he fits the profile of someone, who may be interested in burning any kind of structure for political gain.

Parliament arson accused Zandile Mafe is demanding coffee, a kettle, a flat-screen TV, and a radio for his cell at Pollsmoor Prison. These are the things that he wants made available for him, so that he can be able to comply and be a good spirt as well as attend the court proceedings and that is what should show us.

That this man is not of sound mind, because anyone who has some form of understanding would know that they are in jail if they were in his shoes.