Nonka Left Disappointed After Kwanda Did This To Her, But Something Big Is Coming In Nonka’s Life

The circumstance at Njeza home is beginning to be rushed after they were driven out of the house that they have purchased a month ago.

They have gotten back to the way of life that they have been battling to manage and they need to manage its outcomes.

However, their colossal issue is that individuals will chuckle at them since they have neglected to pay the lease, and their destruction may be the subject of Kwamashu in light of the fact that individuals were beginning to be desirous about them.

It seems to be this family needs a serious purifying on the grounds that all that they do falls under their hands, and things may be more terrible once more, in light of the fact that Nonka isn’t working any longer and Njeza is likewise striving on his business were he neglected to deal with the family.




It will be a rushed month for them since they have made an honest effort to enjoy a quality lifestyle that they have longed for.


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