Nonka is in trouble. Mjolo will humble you, from business woman to full-time detective

At the beginning Nonka did not want to date with Kwanda because he was dating Hleziphi. Kwanda tried by all means to show Nonka that he was in love with her and not Hleziphi. It got to a point where Nonka had to choose between the two and she chose Kwanda. She fought with Hleziphi but as time went they made peace.



Hleziphi pretended that she was okay with everything that was happening only to get Nonka to trust her back so that she could put Muti in her food that will make Kwanda hate her. The Muti she used made Nonka the source of Kwanda’s anger. Nonka did not understand what was happening, she thought maybe Kwanda found someone new or something like that. Hleziphi convinced her that maybe he was married and had kids.

Nonka decided to investigate for herself so that she can clearly understand what is happening, little did she know that it is black magic.

Nonka’s aunt once told her that she was cursed by someone and the only way to find out was to consult a prophet and Nonka did not want to listen. She needs to act fast, otherwise she may lose her partner over Hleziphi’s jealous. She will not only lose her partner but her business too.