Nompilo Maphumulo left fans speechless with her amazing pictures looking Smpile

Being a Jack of all Trades is just proof that she can do it all. The has also tried her enchantment in the music panorama and all the stars are in her favour. She releases a Gqom song “Sebenzel’ Imali” which is her first single.

It seems the actress has her parents dreams shattered as she fails to further her studies after matric. But a girl has got to eat right? She then goes to work as a waitress and later as a telesales agent. When the opportunity presents itself, Nompilo enrolls for performing arts classes at the (KwaMashu Community Advancement Projects). This is a centre that aids the youth to use their natural talents to create their own employment opportunities.



The actress’ role becomes tougher as she receives a Sangoma calling in the show. This comes after some rather bloodcurdling and unexplainable dreams that keep her awake at night. Nosipho is even sleepwalking and finding herself in eerie places.

Who doesn’t love a lady who is her own blesser? Besides acting, Nompilo is an MC, singer, voice-over artist, and motivational speaker. It seems our girl knows how to hustle hard.

Despite baseless rumours making the rounds on social media platforms, Mzansi’s sweetheart is very much alive. The renowned actress recently celebrates her 38th birthday on the 3rd of May this year. This is an indicator that she is in good health and all the death rumours were just a petty prank. Her character on Uzalo, Nosipho is also still a significant character on the show. She is here to stay and will not be killed off from the storyline any time soon.