Nomcebo Zikode posted her husband pictures read Mzansi comments.

After Nomcebo Zikode Shared Pictures of Her Husband on Social Media, Mzansi was abuzz.

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When you have someone to lean on, love might be even more wonderful than it already is. Every action you take for the sake of God is an act of love. Selwyn Fraser, the husband of South African performer Nomcebo Zikode, has always been there for him. Selwyn Fraser and Nomcebo Zikode are one of the best married couples in South Africa. The couple is the topic of conversation on social media.

Celebrity Nomcebo Zikode is living proof that a committed relationship can be both fulfilling and happy. Nomcebo Zikode, a South African singer-songwriter, recently posted a photo of herself with her husband on social media. Mzansi was smitten by the adorable duo.

Selwyn Fraser and Nomcebo Zikode have been married for many years and have two beautiful children. After the earthquake in Jerusalema, many people have wondered for many years who her husband is. She has been adored by many of her admirers because of who she is. She’s adored by many because of her fashion sense. Many people believe she has the right to defend herself and her spouse with dignity. She does an excellent job of representing her husband, which makes me appreciate you even more. Selwyn Fraser, the late Deborah Fraser’s son, was Nomcebo Zikode’s first husband.