Nomcebo Zikode enjoyed her time with her husband in Europe

Nomcebo Zikode is still in Europe with her partner and having a good time. They were walking on the streets of Norway when Nomcebo initiated a race to a hill. She wanted to see who would get on top first. As they took off, she was in front and it looked like he was just given more steps to be in front and let her win. She looks like she is a runner from the manner in which she started a sprinting race.

While she started it, it looks like her husband was not really into it and they were on camera from the beginning to the end. It is really good and but all this time she has not shared pictures with her partner on social media. It is only now she is updating her Instagram stories with him. She is on her world tour and came from a hut in Jerusalema.

The song was also loved by Neymar Jr. It is wonderful to see how music is able to unite people. It is something that crosses from one country to the other. It helps people in many situations in life, from going through a tough time to their happiest moments. Such moments are priceless.




They are enjoying summer while people in South Africa are going through freezing temperatures, and they are looking at staying warm the entire season. What a beautiful lifestyle where you leave South Africa when it’s winter and you enjoy a summer season country at the moment.


Actually, they are experiencing something wonderful because, in South Africa, you will be used to going through winter at the moment and having to experience life with Nomcebo Zikode and her husband is the best moment ever. Imagine having to enjoy Christmas both in winter and summer. You will have a fascinating documentary of your lifestyle.