Nomcebo Zikode clarifies she has no problem with Master KG

Nomcebo Zikode recently opened up on the issue between her and Master KG as regards to the Jerusalema royalties saga.

It looks like things are yet to be resolved as seems they are probably not in goo terms.

Nomcebo is currently living it up in Switzerland but a fan had to remind her of her problems back in South Africa.

A “concerned” fan told Nomcebo to not forget Master KG as he made her who she is in the industry today with their smash hit Jerusalema.

The fan, Piet Khune Van Sathekge, said he hopes the two would reconcile and make other fire tracks, Master KG and Music S.A fans brought you back and whatever differences you have, you must be thankful for that, keep on shining. Hope one day you will hook up together again and give us more fire music.”

Although the fan did not say much but it can be sensed that Nomcebo might never be known if not because of Master KG’s influence.

Nomcebo clarified that she does not have a problem with Master KG, in fact she is in a battle with the company Open Mic and not him.

She said: “I don’t have any problem with him, and I’ve never ever said anything to him besides sending out the statement which was clear that I need my money from the company not from him, as I’ve been trying to talk to the company many times with no luck, and they’ve been saying the song didn’t make any money so there’s no money. I then decided to get a lawyer to help me, so I don’t know till today why he decided to respond before the company responds… as he was not my boss/ owner of the company but my colleague.”