Nomaswazi Got Herself In A Big Trouble After Njeza Found What She Was Doing See What Will Happen

Njeza accepts reality ought to out so they could obtain trust to Magwaza’s family, since he saw that Vika feels that they are responsible for taking their money at the piece yard, so Njeza guaranteed that he sorts out the person who took that money is the primary way that they will know reality.

By and by Njeza finds reality, yet he doesn’t have even the remotest clue what to do considering the way that Nomaswazi is the individual who sent people to come and take, and his focal objective is to check that they tell the truth, considering the way that Vika is ceaselessly condemning them with what they didn’t do.



So over the long haul truth will turn out considering the way that Njeza will give Nomaswazi two choices, conceivably he tells them or she will tell them, so that Magwaza’s family could know reality and truth them.

Since at this point they are working at Magwaza’s piece yard,, but Vika has no confidence in them, so he really wants work with concordance.

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