Nomasondo and Rosemary plan will fail see why

omasondo and Rosemary plans will fail and they will end in jail, because currently they want to scam Azwindini and take his money, because Azwindini beleives that Nomasondo is Gugu, now as they attacked Vho mokondeleni their secret is about to come out unless they run away before it is too late.




Gugu and Rosemary made everyone to believe that Vutshilo is the one who attacked Vho Mokondeleni and everyone believe them, it is only Vho Masindi who suspect Gugu, but no one believe her, now vutshilo knows the truth and he will do everything to make sure that the truth comes out.

Kgosi will help vutshilo to hack Nomasondo’s phone and that is how they will discover the truth about Nomasondo, and Azwindini will regret because currently he believes Nomasondo over his son, the only person who is care about vutshilo is Susan.

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