Nobody knew who Senzo Meyiwa was until he was attached to me – Says Kelly Khumalo

When celebrities fall in love, it does happen that one of them will become more famous because of the other’s fame. There are people that we did not know about until they got involved with big names in the entertainment and sports industries. Most of them tend to benefit because their brands are being exposed to the public due to the fame they gain.

As the citizens of this country are busy calling for the late Senzo Meyiwa’s justice, Kelly Khumalo has become the most talked about person regarding the case. There are many people who believe that Kelly had something to do with her late partner’s murder. However, the pop queen is still living her life as if her ears are deaf when it comes to what people say.





There is a video that emerged on social media this evening. In a video, Kelly Khumalo was being interviewed for the news. She said something that people did not expect from her, and it is going to be hard for anyone to take her side.

Kelly stated that she did not know anything about Senzo Meyiwa before they met. She says she knew about him through a friend who explained when they met who Senzo was and then she got to know him. She went on to explain that nobody actually knew who Senzo Meyiwa was until he met a brand called Kelly Khumalo. That all should explain that Kelly has got nothing to gain, according to her.

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These comments are not dwelling well in many people’s hearts. This is not only because they think Kelly is a suspect, but it is because they know that Senzo was already a well-known football player who represented the Orlando Pirates and the national soccer team.

I think Kelly Khumalo is being disrespectful in the eyes of the public. There are many people who knew Senzo Meyiwa before they met, and now she is acting as if Senzo got his fame from dating him. There is no reason for her to sound better at the late Senzo’s expense because it is not his fault that people are accusing her of what they think she did.