Nobody bothers to investigate Senzo Meyiwa’s wife, Kelly Khumalo’s sister breaks the silence


The case has been going on for a while now, family members are still traumatized by how brutally Meyiwa was murdered, the fact that the judges are not questioning Meyiwa’s wife has brought tension between the the high court system together with Khumalo’s little sister. From a source shared on social media, it is revealed that Zandie has lost faith in the people who are handling the case facing her family.


She spoke out that the nobody is bothering to investigate Meyiwa’s wife. Making it hard on them come clean on their testimonies. The two Kelly and her little sister has been coming in and out of court to testify and give their side, however thru have not heard anything from Meyiwa’s who is not a suspect at the current moment.

Photo credit: Facebook

From what she is trying to say is that the case is not handled fairly because they are the only ones who are pointed with a finger while Meyiwa’s wife is far from the dog’s house.

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