No one is brave enough to ask LaConco if Petal is Jacob Zuma in the last episode of RHOD

The Real Housewives of Durban is a reality show that broadcasts rich woman who have been married to rich man in Durban SA. They go to gatherings and vacations together letting viewers in on their daily lives and relationships. During 2021 when the first season was made, Nonkanyiso Nconco, was introduced to the group of women who were already part of the show.

She was known as the then fiancé and youngest suitor of the former SA president, Jacob Zuma. On her first appearance, she was wearing her engagement ring and when everyone asked who she was, she replied by saying people should google her. The status of her relationship with the president was still unknown even on the last episode of season 1 but the ladies believed that the relationship was hitting rock bottom and LaC is a lonely woman.



LaC came in season 2 with no ring on her hand and declared herself single. The ladies together with the viewers were shook that finally she admitted that she is no longer together with the president. LaC introduced Petal, as a mystery boyfriend who is wealthy and living in the same neighborhood as one of the ladies.

After several investigations, it was disclosed that Petal is not as wealthy as LaC portrayed him to be and in the reunion, LaC now called Petal a bestfriend and no longer a man she is in a relationship with.

The internet is very confused by LaC and her presence in the show because she is in a reality show but she refuses to be open about her reality. Before the reunion, Musa Khawula posted a picture of LaC wearing the very same engagement ring she was wearing during the first season which might insinuate that she is back with Mr Jacob Zuma.

The viewers thought that the story of Petal will be addressed in a manner which brings everyone closure during the reunion but his identity is still not known. No one was brave enough to ask LaC if Petal is Jacob Zuma or if Petal is her real boyfriend.

Who do you think Petal is?