“Nkosiyabo Khoza and Paxton Kgomo, same WhatsApp group” fans say

Have you noticed how annoying spoilt brats and unruly kids are? The Mzansi Magic’s telenovela; The Queen and the SABC 1’s educational drama series; Skeem saam are currently showing us (viewers) how selfish spoilt brats can destroy other people’s lives by their actions.

On Skeem saam, we have Paxton, character played by Thabiso Molokomme. Paxton is the only child to his both parents who does as he pleases and who controls others because his parents are rich. Poor Meneer Magongwa is now blind because of his stupid pranks, and sad part it is that even his parents are aware yet they don’t want to report him, instead they are deciding to move him from the school.







Then, on The Queen, there’s a young man goes by the name Nkosiyabo Khoza; character played by Craig Nobela. Nkosiyabo is Brutus Khoza’s last born, who also happens to be his favourite son. His actions are out yet Brutus keeps on spoiling him. Now they are accusing his brother for something which has been actually done by him, so selfish of him.

Viewers have come to notice that Paxton Kgomo and Nkosiyabo Khoza are the same. They are both disrespectful, manipulative, selfish and full of lies. Their characters are being despised, especially Paxton’s. There is The Queen post shared by the Mzansi Magic’s official page. It is a video clip of Nkosiyabo busy crying, telling his mother that he didn’t steal whatever they accuse him of, and how his brothers hate him.

The comments were like :

“Nkosiyabo Khoza and Paxton Kgomo, same WhatsApp group”

“It’s like we watching skeem saam mxm ai”

“Nkosi ke first born Mr Kgomo🤞”

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