Nkosi from House of Zwide is such a clean and handsome man in real life

Wanda Zuma is a South African actor who is best known for his acting role on House of Zwide, portraying the character of Nkosikhona Zwide, the son of Funani Zwide. He rose to fame back in 2021 after he made his first debut on House of Zwide. Whilst some of the cast members he made his first debut with have left, Wanda Zuma has permanently secured this role after he managed to bring Nkosikhona Zwide to life as desired and imagined by the producers of the drama series.






We can all come to an agreement that indeed he was born with an acting talent after we have seen him transition exceptionally well from one mood to another on screen.Born on the 7th of September in 1991, the 31-year-old as of 2023 is one of the men who are dearly loved by women because of how clean and how handsome he is. The common thing about Nkosikhona Zwide and Wanda Zuma is that they are both very neat and clean. The cleanliness and neatness can be viewed in how his clothes are well ironed and how his moustaches and beard are neatly shaved at all the time. Those who know him and have encountered him say he also smells very good. A lot of women always say the most attractive thing about a man is how hygienic he is and how well he knows how to play around with various clothing items in order to achieve a good outfit. Wanda Zuma goes all out to appear good at all the time because he bumps into his fans majority of the time he is in public. He does not only do it for his fans only but for himself too; he always shares that when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good.

Below are four more pictures of him, well dressed and looking very clean.