Nhlamulo told Cee Jay that he needs to be more careful with his gym sessions with Layla and Me’Shell

Nhlamulo has been seeing Cee Jay working as a personal trainer for peope and he was only concerned with two clients. He told Cee Jay that he should be careful when he is around them. He told him that was happy that his business was improving and that he was making a lot of money, but he needed to do a background check on Layla.



He told Nhlamulo that he should relax and not stress too much. But Nhlamulo could sense that something will happen and people will get hurt. He is just looking out for Cee Jay but he does not realize that because Taps told him a different story from Nhlamulo. Cee Jay promised Nhlamulo that he would be careful. Cee Jay was thinking a lot about it. Layla and Me’Shell on the other hand are happy with the services that Cee Jay is offering. Layla even wants to book a lot of gym sessions.