Next Wèek On The Quèen(09 May).Thando tortures Bhambatha as she is looking for answers.

Today,we bring you updates about the most loved soapie in South Africa.The Queen,is a South African TV Series which was produced by Ferguson Films.The film company is owned by the most successful actors, Connie Ferguson and her late husband,Alex Shona Ferguson.

It first premiered on Mzansi Magic on first of August 2016.On Canal Plus it premiered on April 2020.It has 260 episodes per season.


Episode 206




-Law is law,and everyone must follow and obey at all costs.

-Schumcher is not in good space as Petronella unleash hell of a fire on him.

-When you face hard,horrible and most fearful situation,you end up having your world crushing down on you.This is what Thando is experiencing.


Episode 207

-Being heartbroken and stressed at the same time is unbearable. Bhambatha and Thando are picking up themselves and their broken hearts after what they have experienced.

-Lying to the cops,was never a good thing at all.Schumacher is caught lying by Georgina,and now,he is going to prison for dishonesty.


Episode 208

-Convincing a cop that your innocent,is a tough thing one can do.Schumacher can’t get through to Georgina.

-Hector,does not know who to help,as he finds himself between a rock and hard place.He is stuck between Thando and Harriet,both of them need his help but does not know whether he should listen to Harriet or get vengeance for Thando.


Episode 209

-Revenge can be sweet and sour,results are just unpredictable. Thando puts her plan of revenge in action.

-Khoza Logistics loses it’s clients because of Brutus.

FRIDAY 13 MAY 2022

Episode 210

-In most cases raid is done when police officers suspect something with an individual or his/her property. Hector is now detective and plans to raid Brutu’s house.

-Thando decides to torture Bhambatha as she is looking for answers,will she get them from him though?

-Patronella is shocked after she found out that Mjekejeke is the one who bailed Schumacher out of prison.

Source TVSA

The show revolves around the Khoza family, drug lords who hide their dealings behind their company, and their conflicts with their competitors and the Thembisa Police Service. Connie Ferguson plays the role of Harriet Khoza, the widow of a drug lord and a drug lord known as “The Queen” while Shona Ferguson plays the police officer Jerry Maake.

Khoza’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of a new lethal and ambitious enemy Thando Sebata a strong and powerful drug lord heiress, trained and best assassin and sniper as she takes the Khoza’s drug territory and becomes the new drug lord.

Opinion for today

Let’s all respect laws and follow them everyday because they are very important and were implemented for a reason.

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