Next Week On Gòmora(08 May).Sonto shoots Sdumo

Today we bring updates about the most watched telenovela called Gomora.Gomora is a South African telenovela drama that was produced by Seriti Films.It is commissioned for M-Net’s local channel called Mzansi Magic.It is also original production of M-Net.

Gomora tells a story about two families,who live dıfferent lifestyles and how their lives intertwine by a tragedy.It was filmed in one of the townships of South Africa called Alexandra,

a township in the Gauteng province .It forms part of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality and is located next to the wealthy suburb of Sandton. It is commonly known as “Gomora” among by residents,and that is where the name of the drama come from.


Episode 11

-Sonto shoots Sdumo on the arm.

-Depression makes one to be in a situation that can either break them or build them.Sibongile can not get her sleep due to depression.

-Secret is coming out.Stompie tells Sonto that Phumlani,is the one who was paying Brains and Sdumo.Is she telling the truth?


Episode 12

-Bullets are flying at Thathi’s house and mastermind behind this is,Mjay.

-Sonto is in deep thoughts as she is wondering whether was Thathi was telling the truth or not.


Episode 13


-Turning your back on your family,is hard thing to do.Thathi does not want to hear anything from her family.Do you think this will end well?

-At school,they are worried and have suspicions about Sibongile.Is she in trouble?


Episode 14

-New looks,always bring beauty in human as always.But it looks like the new look of Sibongile cause more problems for her at school.

-Thathi’s worst nightmare manifests as she hear someone banging on the door.

FRIDAY 13 MAY 2022

Episode 15

-Thathi decides to be undercover cop but does not know where to start.

-Taking matters into your own hands is very wrong and could put you in prison.Sonto decide to take matters into her own hands and shoots man named,Mike Junior.

Source TVSA

Opinion of the day

Crime does not pay,hard work does.There many jobs that one can do,and are legit.

We live in a world that is not safe for everyone.In this world, that we live in fear everyday because we dont know what will happen tomorrow.We must always appreciate everything we have because others wish to be us but they cant.You must be grateful all the time because others never get opportunities that you managed to get.This life is unfair to other people.Let’s all be positive and focus on building great nations.

The drama tells the story of two families, one of a man who has made his riches and success by illegal activities from a bank he owns, the other of a well respected man in the community that struggles to make ends meet.

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