New Xhosa Wedding Dresses 2021

The Xhosa traditional attire is another stripe of glory in Africa additionally to the world’s apparel industry. Like existing popular African prints; Kente, Ankara, and kitenge, Xhosa traditional attire features a special history dating back to pre-colonial times and a singular origin from the Xhosa people of South-Africa. the apparel is symbolic, taking different shapes and forms counting on the occasion.



Africans, being social people, hold ceremonies and symbols with high regard. However, with the recent changes in psychology, symbolism has been replaced with purposeful fashion statements and artistic wear within the fashion space, leaving ceremonies because of the only thing of social significance that is still held in high esteem.

The Umakoti, the bride, in Xhosa, like other African and Western culture, is typically the middle of attraction during a marriage ceremony. How she looks is of particular importance to the days’ proceedings because she has got to meet traditional symbolism and appearance exquisitely good to outshine every other woman within the ceremony. These are 5 of the commonly worn dresses by a bride during a marriage ceremony: