New member on Skeem Saam,Meet Xolile Tshabalala

Renowned actress Xolile Tshabalala has joined SABC 1’s wildly popular soap opera, Skeem Saam. Excitingly, she is all set to take on the compelling role of a Prosecutor in the highly anticipated legal case involving the beloved character Leeto Maputla. This gripping storyline revolves around Leeto’s trial for the shocking murder of the infamous loan shark, Dragon. It all began when Leeto, in a desperate attempt to save innocent lives, courageously shot Dragon during an intense hostage situation at the Patrons of Bazaruto establishment.






As Leeto’s trial draws near and the outcome of his freedom lies in the balance, he diligently gathers a group of reliable witnesses in an effort to strengthen his case. With the guidance and expertise of his skilled attorney, Advocate Moss, there is a glimmer of hope that Leeto may emerge from the trial unharmed. The State’s Prosecutor, equipped with exceptional legal prowess, is unwavering in their determination to ensure Leeto is convicted for the alleged murder of Dragon and sentenced to imprisonment.
Xolile is set to make her first appearance on Monday, the 30th of October in the year 2023, and she will continue to be on-air for the duration of the trial. Viewers are in for a thrilling and suspenseful experience as they witness Leeto’s intense struggle to secure his own liberatio