New information: 31 year old woman and her daughter were found dead after this happened to them.

Our loved ones will be gone one day, therefore we should cherish our time with them as if it were our last. Mourning is a painful and depressing experience that nearly always leaves people feeling down. They have lost a loved one to their alleged husband, and their sadness can be felt in the air.

In the town of Nelmpaius, just outside Pretoria, a 31-year-old lady was found dead or murdered last Sunday, according to sources. The woman’s name is Intumeleng makhura, and her body was found at her husband’s house.

The makhura family is mourning the loss of two innocent lives at the same moment, with the bodies of Itumeleng and her 11-year-old daughter discovered next to each other.



Nellmapius residents are being requested to assist in the search for the husband of Intumeleng, who was holding them captive and claiming he didn’t know anything, according to the reports Nellmapius police officers found them on his bed and he’s now on the run.

There were quite a few people who expressed shock and disbelief over the murder of his own daughter in the comments section. However, I suppose we’ll learn more about what drove him once the police have him in custody.

The following are some people’s reactions to this shocking information:

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