Ndebele actress Cynthia Nkosi passed away

Cynthia Nkosi was one of the most advanced actresses from KwaNdebele. She is known for her several roles that she played on Ndebele drama. Many people loved her voiced and her talent when it comes to acting, she is definitely going to e missed for her incredible work.

She was a really beautiful woman. Her fans loved her jokes and her smile too. Her beauty was really breathtaking. The KwaNdebele community has really lost a queen. Her fans on social media were left devastated by the news of her passing, some of her fans are still misbelieve.



Cynthia Nkosi was a woman with many talents, she could act and sing as well. Most of the Ndebele movies that she was in, were really outstanding roles. That is how many people have fallen in love with her because she was true to herself. May her soul rest in peace.

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