Natasha Thahane’s recent pictures cause s stir on Instagram

We cannot deny the fact that Natasha Thahane is a huge lover and big fan of traditional attires. Almost all the events she is invited in she pops up wearing a traditional attire.





The Blood and Water actress has shared before that loves being a South African and this includes loving the African food, culture, lifestyle and clothing. When she was in the United States of America to study she kept on wearing South African traditional clothing and jewellery in order not to forget her roots. During her pregnancy, Natasha Thahane took a nice picture in a traditional dress which caused a stir on Instagram amounting to over 400 000 likes and 2100 comments. Fast forward to her baby shower, Natasha Thahane had a baby shower towards her time of giving birth. Her friends, family and colleagues joined to celebrate the life of the little one. She looked very stunning in her traditional dress and with her hair plaited neatly along with her face well applied with makeup.Natasha Thahane is part of the series, Blood and Water family as she has been entrusted with the character of Wendy. The Blood and Water actors and other creatives are out in Cape Town in celebration of the successful production and release of Blood and Water Season 3. She is stunning in her stylish traditional dress with the colour pink as a dominant colour amongst other colours. She has neatly and nicely cut her hair. She looks exquisite as always.