Natasha Thahane’s pictures in Paris, France causes a stir on Instagram

The Blood and Water actress, Natasha Thahane is a 27-year-old young female who is very determined to create a good life for herself. Independence, accountability and hard-worker are all entitled to her name without a doubt. The South African actress is a very ambitious woman who is intentional about her life and is working very hard to leave a legacy. As a granddaughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one can tell that she encapsulates her grandfather’s qualities.It is truly safe to say Natasha Thahane has her life together as she has achieved a lot of things as young as she is within a short period of time. While it takes years and years for other people to build their own houses, buy cars and secure a good career, it only took Natasha Thahane 5 years after being in the media industry to have all of that to her name.






Unlike other people who travel the world just for fun and to explore, Natasha Thahane is always in and out if her province and sometimes country for work purposes. She is currently in Paris, France with Garnier Skincare Brand to shoot more content as she is the face and ambassador for the brand. She has shared snippets of her journey that side of the world, leaving her fans speechless.

She truly is a huge inspiration to everyone especially to the youth of South Africa that anything is possible if you put in the work. Her hard-work has opened great doors for her and has caused her to be remunerated well. She truly is a powerhouse and will definitely leave a mark. Her grandfather, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, truly must be so proud of her and may his soul continue to rest in peace.